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"To see clearly a change of perspective is often enough."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrom (FAS) visible in children?


Visibility Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Psychological CounselingA foster Mum recently received the diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) for her daughter from a well-known and highly experienced diagnostic center, in the sense of a full extent of the disorder. For this diagnosis, she took the drive of over 7 hours, as there was no suitable diagnostic center nearby. Due to numerous impairments in everyday life, she applied for a care level for her daughter following the diagnosis. She met a doctor who was examining her daughter's case and heard the following:

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Are you good enough for your adoptive or foster child?

The adoption process is quite tedious for many couples. The waiting time for the desired child can be at times grueling long - the admission of a foster child can go faster. Nevertheless,Good enough Foster Child Psychological Counseling the time to finally hold oneĀ“s child in his arms is often marked by uncertainty and doubt, hope, fear and setbacks. Unique then the moment in which the long-awaited call with the child proposal takes place. This is what recently happened to a family whose long-year waiting and suffering period has come to an end...

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Recreation and stress reduction in the forest

Who has no time for his health,

will later need a lot of time for his illnesses.

(Sebastian Kneipp)

wald 002The first warm April and May days are behind us. Nature has awakened and has let our meadows and forests shine in a lush green within a very short time.

How many times have you been in a forest this year? Not often? Then I invite you to a little mental fantasy trip, which I like to use in psychological online counseling:

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