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"To see clearly a change of perspective is often enough."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Some parents decide for adoption or foster care. There is already much information available on the different types of child admission (domestic adoption, foreign adoption, open or semi-open adoption, incognito adoption, crisis care, short-term care, permanent care). Even the mandatory preparation courses offer comprehensive information - in Austria e.g. mainly in a group-setting.

Are you interested in the admission of an adopted or a foster child into your family?

Are you looking for reflection options, psychological online counseling, and authentic testimonials on the topic of adoption & foster care?

If you, in addition to the above-mentioned group courses, want a more personalized accompaniment, to be clear about opportunities and risks, personal wishes and expectations, limits and resilience, and make a conscious decision about adoption or foster care, then just contact me. I am happy to offer psychological online counseling to you.

You can contact me as well, if you feel that the often long waiting time for a child is gruelling. My background in psychology and my personal experience as adoptive mom provide you with the framework for a sensitive and trusting reflection of your concerns.

Comprehensive, authentic information and a good preparation in the run-up to adoption or child-care, I consider very essential for a later, happy family life:

Even if an adopted or foster child is often taken up by the deep desire for an own child, in many cases there are challenges that must be mastered in addition to the conventional parenting of biological children.

Psychological online counseling after admission of an adoptive or foster child

  • Are there any questions arising after the admission of your adoptive or foster child?
  • Any difficulties or challenges which you would like to discuss in the framework of a psychological online counseling?
  • Would you like to tell your child about his or her personal history of origin, and do you have no idea how to do that? (biography work for adoptive and foster children)
  • Do you plan to travel to your kids country of origin, and donĀ“t know when the right travel time might be?
  • Are there any other questions showing up (e.g. kindergarten or school, admission of another sibling, behavioral problems of your child ...)?

Then just contact me. During psychological online counseling I take time for your concerns around adoption & foster care, and look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in further information, then please also visit attachment & developmental trauma in adoptive or foster children.

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