Psychological Online Counseling & Coaching
via video telephony with Stephanie Pfeifer

"To see clearly a change of perspective is often enough."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Do you have the feeling, that you are currently in a circle?
Would you like a positive change in your everyday life, and a realignment of your current status?

Then just get in touch with me. The topics for a psychological online consultation can be manifold. Therefore, I can help you deal with all symptoms of a stressful, unresting everyday life and environment, difficulties to make huge decisions in life and general assistance for problematic everyday life situations:

  • special life situation
  • stress and overload, desire for relaxation and mindfulness
  • professional or private challenges and conflicts
  • reorientation in the job

No matter what's the matter - I can help you through psychological online consultation

Almost everyone faces at least once in life a time or phase, in which they do not know how to cope with additional stress, hard times at work or at home, strokes of fate and all the (un-)imaginable situations life holds for us. Therefore, it is not a reason to be ashamed when seeking psychological support. Nonetheless, actually entering a psychologist's practice can sometimes be paralysing. This extra amount of stress is not necessary in our technical environment we nowadays live in! Through my psychological online consultation, I can help you cope with any topic you would like us to talk about from home or wherever you are right now. This makes it easier for patients to open up towards a non-judgemental, free conversation about what is on their mind. If you feel like needing help but also the desire to stay in your calming, own environment, such as your home, please feel free to contact me for a first psychological online consultation without obligations.

How does psychological online consultation work?

I offer an easy-to-use online tool for psychological online consultation. Advice sessions often focus on organizing thoughts and feelings in terms of problem analysis and working on clear goals and perspectives to address issues, thus taking the next step towards development and greater well-being. Psychological relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training can also be taught online.

Whether you live or work abroad and want to be counseled, or if counseling in your own home environment seems easier and more comfortable than going to a local practice:

Feel free to contact me, and we will find out in an initial interview to see if I can help you with further consulting units. For further helpful explanations go to Information, costs & procedure.

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