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"To see clearly a change of perspective is often enough."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Online Psychological Counseling Glass Half full, Half EmptyThey exist, such days ...

Days when nothing seems to go on ...

Days when our thoughts run in circles ...

Days when a way out or a solution does not even seem approachable ...

What to do on such days?

Well, that's not easy to answer per se, because each person responds individually to challenges. For some, a so-called triviality can already pose a serious problem, for others, the individual problem threshold can be significantly higher. People are different!

For some people, it is helpful to think of new scenarios over and over again to solve a specific problem. They do not let go, and their thoughts are increasingly circling around the topic that needs to be solved.

For others, it is helpful to distance themselves by, for example, reading a good book, listening to relaxation music, doing sports, meeting with friends.

Everything that feels good is allowed!

If a problem seems to be very muddled and confusing, I'd like advise you to take a different view:

Is the glass half full? Or is it half empty?

This sentence seems very simple, but it contains a great deal of resources for me within psychological online counseling - even if it is not always easy to look at things from a different angle in order to find out the potential positive aspects of a problem. But it's worth it, and can be practiced daily. Just try it out the next time you get angry.

Lately, in my psychological online counseling practice, it happens from time to time, that despite all positive approaches to a problem actually no solution seems within reach. In such cases, a serene and trusting attitude has been proven to be helpful: some things seem to take time. They can not be accelerated, no matter how much effort one puts into their solution. Therefore one may sometimes simply trust:

Trust that everything will be fine again and that things will develop as desired over time. Unexpected often comes.

What about your personal glass? Is it half full, or half empty? Do you feel you could need some help, and do you wish a psychological online counseling - easy and uncomplicated? Then feel free to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information go on General Online Counseling.

P.S. Your online psychologist has been desperate to optimize her website for quite some time. Technical things are not my favourite. So, I'm leaving for the swimming pool now… hoping that someone will unexpectedly ring my doorbell to take care of my technical problems. Most certainly! :-)


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